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Can you help me in reconfiguring my course?

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Re: Can you help me in reconfiguring my course?

Dear Leslie,

Your advices were so useful for me....Thanks very much.

Exactly, the problem was outside Moodle. The problem was with my host .  The problem was that they had some security restrictions to the host area where my moodle installation is located. So I told them about my problem and they very easily recognized that it was a problem at their side.

They did some internal changes in my hosting site and the problem was fixed very promptly.

I learnt something more managing Moodle with this experience.

Leslie, I want to thank very much for you support, time, comments and help.

You have a friend in Lima, where I am at your orders for anything you need.

All the very best for you,



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Re: Can you help me in reconfiguring my course?
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Oh, good.  I'm glad you figured it out. 

Happy continued Moodling!  smile

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