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autologin guest not working, moodle 2.4

MS in Destin, FL, 2013
autologin guest not working, moodle 2.4

Moodle 2.4 (Build: 20121203).

I would like to have the system to autologin users as guests to courses allowing guest access. This does not work for the moment.

In user policies

Role for visitorsnotloggedinroleid

 is set to Guest.

Regardless of this, clicking a link to a course allowing guest access, takes the user to the login page requiring the user to login with a proper account or with a guest account.

in my moodle 1.9 installation this problem does not appear.

This relates to, which reports that this bug has been fixed. But I still have it in moodle 2.4.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

--Mika Seppälä


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Stephanie Gerald
Re: autologin guest not working, moodle 2.4

Hello, I had this same issue with 2.4, and found that the documentation is slightly misleading. 

In addition to enabling the guest access enrolment plugin and the checking the autologin setting, make sure you also have the guest access button set to Show in order for this to work. The documentation indicates you can either set it to Show or Hide, but if you select Hide, then access to the course will not work, I found.

After enabling the admin settings, of course, be sure your course has the guest enrolment plugin enabled, the self-enrollment plugin enabled and the Guest access setting in the course settings are set to Yes. 

Hopefully this helps you find a solution!

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