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Image Slider/Carousel


We are shortly due to upgrade to Moodle 2 and would like to include an image carousel/slider on our homepage, similar to the one on the front of this website (the news and features section).

Does anyone know a good website (preferably free) where I can get one of these and how I would install it on my Moodle site. I am by no means a web developer!

Thanks in advance,


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James Richardson
Re: Image Slider/Carousel

Hello Lauren!

I have a good tutorial on how to use the Simple jQuery slider in Moodle. Please see it at the following link.

Inserting an image slider in Moodle

Basically you download the slider plugin and code the theme layout files to display the code in your page. The Link explains it. There are quit a few steps to do it and you need access to the files on the server.

Best Regards,

James R


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