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Site Administration and Site:Config Capability

Hi. I posted something similar in the General Help forum, but probably should have posted it here.

We are running multiple Moodle sites on a single server instance. Currently, each site has an assigned administrator user with full admin permissions. We would like to restrict access to several Site Administration options for these users, those being "Security", "Server" and "Development".

We created a new role called "Superuser" and assigned it the site:config capability. We quickly found out that site:config is an all-or-nothing proposition, meaning that the Security, Server, Development, Appearance, and Plugins are controlled as a group.

Our current thought is to assign these users to the Superadmin role and find someway to block the Server, Development and Appearance options. Note: Each Moodle site will have an official, secure "admin' account that that will have full administrative permissions, but only available to the IT group management the server environment.

In an ideal world, we would love to see more fine-grained capabilities, like site:appearance and site:plugins.

Short of that, does anyone have an idea or recommendation for how we can manage this?


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Re: Site Administration and Site:Config Capability
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Hi John,

I see from the way your Moonami demo sites are configured you found a way to do this, can you tell me if that was done with code changes or whether you found a way to do it via Moodles permissions management?

We have the same issue where we want to grant some Academics certain admin abilities (able to view plugin overview) but restrict access to things like server settings.

Thanks, Jez


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Re: Site Administration and Site:Config Capability

Hi Jez.  Sorry I'm late getting back to you.  Just getting back in from a long weekend break.   

We resolved this using permissions management and a bit of code.  It was fairly straight forward.   I'll dig it up and send you a couple attachments.


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