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Re: Logging API (option to move logs out of database)
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Hi guys,

One thing I'm noticing absent from this discussion is the use case for Moodle logs as an audit trail.

Expanding on logging in a well thought-out way could ultimately allow for precise audit logs (for data forensics, diagnostics or post-mortems) and perhaps even some form of generic "undo" functionality in the future.

Either way I see the idea of losing the ability to "easily" query logs as a step backwards - but maybe I'm too used to a non-education environment and this just isn't a priority for most users?

Thanks for your time,

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Tim at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary
Re: Logging API (option to move logs out of database)
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Moving the logs from DB to files, or another back-end just changes your query tool from SQL to grep, or something else.

I guess it depends on what sort of queries you need to run, and what you consider easy.

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