Question Names in Quizes

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Question Names in Quizes

We pose randomly selected questions in a quiz to our students.  However when they report an issue to us on a particular question there is no way for them to uniquely ID the question.  All we know it is "Question 1" for instance. 

What we would like is for each question posed to the student the question name is also displayed.  For instance it might say "Question 1" but underneath it also provides a unique question reference like T1-M0034-010.

I've seen other learning platforms do this - is there anyway you can configure Moodle to do this - or is this an enhancement request?


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Re: Question Names in Quizes
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Can't you just ask students to send you the URL of the particular page of the quiz when they report a problem?

When you review their attempt, you will get an edit link for each question, which will let you ID he question.

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Re: Question Names in Quizes

They could also flag the question so when you review their results, you can just find the one with the flag.



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