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Stopping email alerts from going out when teacher makes changes to a discussion group

I have automatic alerts turned on for sending out posts of people working in discussion groups. My colleague noticed a problem with the wording of something in one of our discussion groups. But she is worried that if she changes it everyone will get an alert that she doesn't want them to get. If I turn off my Schedled Task (i.e. cron job) in Plesk and then turn it back on after she has made the change, would that allow us to make the change without an alert going out of the change to everyone in the discussion group? We need a way for changes to be made without looking too silly. But I've forgotten how the alert system works. What I'm worried about is that we turn off the cron job, make changes to several discussion groups and when we turn it back on many odd messages go out to the group. Or is there another way for a teacher/administrator to make changes that are not visible to the others as an email alert?

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