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TinyMCE removes the content of the page

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TinyMCE removes the content of the page


I installed a Moodle 2.2.6 site basically for theme developement. Today I noticed that evey page that contanins TinyMCE editor is simply interrputed right before the editor, I got an amlomst empty page with the title.  I switched of TinyMCE and the page was rendered correctly with plain text editor so  rich text editor causes this bug somehow.

It's quite likely that I messed something up but I was unable to sort this out. I'd be grateful if someone give me a clue about the possible reason of this issue.

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Re: TinyMCE removes the content of the page
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If you are doing development, set Debugging to DEVELOPER level, so you get error messages.

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Tárgy: Re: TinyMCE removes the content of the page

Ohh, okay. Thanks. It says:

Fatal error: Call to undefined method theme_config::editor_css_url() in /var/www/moodle/lib/editor/tinymce/lib.php on line 93

It's really weird since I added only a custom.css to $THEME->sheets array.


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