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Moodle and Bloom's Taxonomy - Help Please

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Re: Moodle and Bloom's Taxonomy - Help Please

Hi Jenni,

I am not quite sure I understand what exactly you are trying to achieve. Do you want to make your Moodle look like the Word document you attached or do you need grading strategies to use categories or rubrics that refer to the different levels of Bloom's Taxonomy?

Incidentally, you might like to watch this video on learning styles:

Best from Germany,


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Re: Moodle and Bloom's Taxonomy - Help Please

Thanks Stephan. Good questions.

I want my review/ assessment of the week's work to look as interesting as the word document for my students. As interesting and engaging as it can be at least. My whole idea is engagement for the students, not boring.

I don't mind using something quite different, it's just that as a noob to Moodle, I'm not quite sure how to go about it. The rubric is set up already to mark.

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Re: Moodle and Bloom's Taxonomy - Help Please
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Some questions before I can do any kind of brainstorming here.

How old are your students? How tech savy are they? Is this a specific subject area or a classroom in which all subjects are taught?

Do you want something you have to grade manually or something that you might be able to have Moodle do some of the grading for you? Do you really grade it or is more informational and you give a grade for completion rather than "right" answers? Do you use this same form each week?  Is this something private between you and the student or something that all students share?

Paula cool

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