Gradebook Scales

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Gradebook Scales


I am using Moodle 2.3 and I have just noticied when you create a new scale and write the new scale negative to positive, in the assignment activity the drop down grade list shows the scale postivie to negative (see screenshot below).

When you go to mark the assignment (using the new 2.3 assignment activity) the drop down grade list shows the scale from positive to negative?

Is there anyway I can show the scale in the drop down list negative to positive like the should be? otherwise my teachers are going to get confused because when they go to the marker screen in the assignment module, they see in the grade list "Good Pass" (which is the highest positive) so they believe they have marked the work but they havent because it has not been submitted to the grade table (database).

Any ideas?

see screen shots below

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Re: Gradebook Scales

See also the MOODLE DOCS saying I should be writing in increasing value. Why does the assignment module display the scale decreasing?