erratic problem with manual enrolments

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erratic problem with manual enrolments

Hi everyone,

I am experiencing a frustrating strange behaviour in my Moodle 2.2.1 (Build: 20120109), with regard to adding users.

I usually add users manually.

My normal procedure is as follows:

(1) settings > site admin > users > accounts > add a new user and put in the info for the new student.  Then,

(2) go to the course then do settings > course admin > users > enrolled users.

This gets me a long list of students that at the very top has a "enrol users" button on the right, as shown here:


(3)  I click that Enrol users and now things get weird.

Sometimes I get this window:

If this window appears, everything is OK, I can add the new student to the course.


Sometime this window appears:

If this window appears, I think I should be able to click "enrol" next to the new student, and that would be that.  BUT when I click "enrol" NOTHING happens.

Its so frustrating.  I have wasted hours trying to enrol one student, and the same window pops up.  Yet inexplicably sometimes the other window pop up and then everything is OK.

Has anyone else has this weird problem with manual enrolments?

What determines which window pops up?

I should add that a few weeks ago I had no trouble with manual enrolments.  But recently, I had problems with Moodle's log files becoming very large.  I deleted the three hugest ones,

/public_html/moodle/error_log   1.2 gig
/public_html/moodle/theme/error_log   1.9 gig
/public_html/moodle/mod/quiz/error_log   1.0 gig

I also set the "cleanup" options to limit logs to 90 days.  I doubt this has anything to do with anything but you never know...

Thanks in advance,

Peter Halverson

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Re: erratic problem with manual enrolments
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Hi Peter,

As you've found, there are actually two ways of manually enrolling users in a course. I've just amended the documentation Enrolled users to hopefully explain both methods. Please shout if further explanation is required.

Regarding clicking the enrol button and nothing happening, what should happen is that the user will indent in the list and the enrol button will disappear, indicating that the user is enrolled. However, this is easy to miss!

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Re: erratic problem with manual enrolments

Dear Helen,

Thank you for amending the documentation.  Its very helpful.

At this point what you call enrolment "method 2" in the documentation works fine.  (It seems to be the "older" method, and its very similar to the interface for adding/removing students from group..)

However "method 1" does NOT work.  The indenting doesn't happen, then "enrol" buttoon does not dissapear and the student doesn't get enrolled.

What's weird is that up until a couple weeks ago it DID work.  What could have happened to disable it?Sincerely,Peter Halverson

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Re: erratic problem with manual enrolments
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I've seen this happen when AJAX quit working in the browser.  Suggest:

  1. refresh your browser
  2. try different browser
  3. try a different computer
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