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From Sharepoint to Moodle using SSO

From Sharepoint to Moodle using SSO

Hi everybody,

After 3 days searching the web without finding the answer (understandable for me !), I'm now asking it to you...

We have a Sharepoint portal website coupled to an LDAP AD, and we would like that our students that are logged into this Sharepoint could go and get logged into our Moodle 1.9 by clicking a link without providing their credentials again.


The students will connect from outside our network (for example from their home), and our Sharepoint and our Moodle are not hosted on the same network/computer. Of course, Moodle login is also based on LDAP auth.


Is it possible ? Does anyone can help me on how to do that ?


Thank you very much for your help.



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Sharepoint repository?
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Since the topic came up, I'm interested in Sharepoint integration as a repository: "Using Moodle with Sharepoint or Alfresco" Please follow up there if anybody has information.
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Re: From Sharepoint to Moodle using SSO

One of your options would be to use ADFS (Active Directory Federation Services) and Shibboleth (on the Moodle side).  Alternatively you could use simpleSAMLphp with Moodle to provide native ADFS SSO.  If Sharepoint is published via ISA, it may be possible by publishing Moodle behind ISA as well for them to share authentication details.

Whichever way you look at it, SSO is not something that can be taken lightly, there will be some hair tearing along the way sad


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Re: From Sharepoint to Moodle using SSO

We will likely be doing the same thing a few months from now, so please follow up if you find some useful information.  I've done a lot of SSO, but not yet with Sharepoint, so I don't yet have anything specific to share, but:

"After 3 days searching the web without finding the answer (understandable for me !)"

Did you find some things that looked like they may be very useful to someone with a different background?  You may have found a perfect explanation which would make sense to me, for example, which I could use to make a module you could use.  Feel free to post any URLs and ask ask "what does this mean?"  (also feel free to email/msg me, as I might not see a reply here.)


What I can share based on implementing SSO systems before, and based on my background in cybersecurity, is that if you care about the system being at all secure, beware of any writing any custom code, especially for the core SSO handoff.  The bad guys know what the common mistakes are, so it's very, very easy to get that "wrong". For example, I can identify two or three vulnerabilties in code I've never seen just by looking at the filename.  (Example - any script called"download.php" virtually always includes the same three errors.)

If you decide that you do NOT care about security because in your case it doesn't matter if someone acesses an account, just be sure to  clearly mark that in several places so that your successor doesn't place high value data under the protection of your insecurity system.




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Re: From Sharepoint to Moodle using SSO
Simlplesamlphp as SP is compatible with you can use my saml plugin for moodle:
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Re: From Sharepoint to Moodle using SSO

ADFS integration works well. Ping me if you have any questions.


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