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Moving 'Reports' from the 'Navigation block' to the 'Settings block'

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Re: Moving 'Reports' from the 'Navigation block' to the 'Settings block'
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We had a discussion in our team and agree to all solutions that create consitency in placements and functionalities.

We suggest to discuss such issues in a wider focus about consistency of locations for functions. I.e. the order of issures in settings block is not user friendly. It should be ordered by the criteria how often a typical user uses a feature. We should also think about reducing the number of links in settings blocks.

We have some concerns about a new reporting block. The number or blocks confuses lots of users and on mobile devices we should minimize the number of blocks. Personally I'm thinking what the sense and function of blocks in fututre could be.

Actually the settings blocks has settings for grades and the grades itself. Renaming to 'administration' makes more sense for us.



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