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Urgent: Grades missing from gradebook after sync. problem

We are using Moodle 2.3.4 and just this weekend we had an issue with the source table for the participant synchronization. We are using the database sync. plugin to sync. enrollments from at table in MSSQL.

The source MSSQL server had run out of space in one of the logging volumes when the Moodle participant sync. ran. The script apparently dropped everyone from the courses.  Once the issue was fixed on the MSSQL side of things, we are finding that anyone that logged in during the two hour time, lost the grades from the gradebook.

Removing them from the course and adding them seems to bring the grades back. However, it seems that the issue was with 500+ students times 5+ courses which makes it tedious and not practical.

Does anyone have any workarounds to bring the grades back in bulk through a script or some way at this time? I have been looking at but still no resolution. This is a major problem and are getting desperate. 

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Re: Urgent: Grades missing from gradebook after sync. problem

Does anyone know whether this problem exists in 2.4.1?