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Gradebook report - How to report an arbitrary range of assignments?

I've searched and Google for solutions to our issue without success. It seems the search terms to describe what we need are hard to pin down and are formal names for other parts of Moodle.

We need to be able to run range-based grade reports.  For example, one group might need a report reflecting Quiz 11 - Quiz 32, but another group that needs a report from Quiz 10 - Quiz 24.  (And similarly across other categories)

Our scenario is that different groups in different school districts have different grading periods.  You could think of it as different groups having the same grading periods, but progress at a different pace -- and the need would be the same. 

We have many (20+) different groups and schedules in each course, so simply creating different courses for each is not a likely solution. 

Our need will almost certainly requires an ad hoc reporting tool, as we often don't know about grade period requirements until the moment they are needed.

If anyone can point me toward a builtin feature, plugin, or even a strategy to develop a custom solution, I would be MOST appreciative!  We are fairly new to Moodle, but embracing it fully and getting up to speed as fast as we can.



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Re: Gradebook report - How to report an arbitrary range of assignments?

No takers so far...I'm guessing that means it's either too bizarre a request, or such a simple task I've outed myself as a newbie.  Anyone willing to suggest which extreme I'm reaching for?

As we've experimented with the oh-so-many gradebook options, we've foudn several appoaches that solve parts of what we look for -- such as the checkboxes for each assignment to include -- but all these approaches have a common trait that make them not work well for our needs.  They all change the structure of the gradebook for the entire class.  So we can't just turn assignments on or off to run an ad hoc report, as a student at another site might look at her own grades right at that moment and get misleading results.

Are there tools or strategies for running ad hoc grade reports with different criteria, such as included slots, aggregation methods, etc?

Any help would be appreciated, even if it is discouraging or embarassing!



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Re: Gradebook report - How to report an arbitrary range of assignments?
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Newbies never get ignored on these forums.

I'd think about a query that dumps all grades to a Google spreadsheet and then filter as needed.