Geometry Formula Cloze Question

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Geometry Formula Cloze Question

Hello, I am trying to create a cloze questions with the following moodle question. I am trying to insert a radical symbol; however it isn't allowing a cloze question. I'm on version 2.2. 



Find the length of line segment AB.

The coordinates of A(6, 4) and B(2, 1)

Given Formula


Fill in the correct information where it belongs in the formula and evaluation steps.

Step 1 – Substitute given values d = (__ - __)2 + (__ - __)2

Step 2 – Evaluate d = (__)2 + (__)2

Step 3 – Evaluate (cont) d = __ + __

Step 4 – Evaluate (cont) d = __

Step 5 – Final answer d =


Please note that the radical sign is missing through all steps except the last. Yes, I would like to be able to put the radical symbol in each step. I am 

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Re: Geometry Formula Cloze Question
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This could be, brobably, be solved by using WIRIS special mathmatic question types.

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Re: Geometry Formula Cloze Question

Is this possible in the standard install? We are unable to add various plugins at the current time. However, we do have LaTeX turned on. Any help would be appreciated. 

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Re: Geometry Formula Cloze Question

Easiest would be an extra parenthesis:

d = √((__ - __)2 + (__ - __)2)

if you feel like you NEED the line above, you could make a table (which might be improved by various adjustments, but this should be a proof of concept):

d = (__ - __)2 + (__ - __)2

Good that you described your question well!
I think it might be good to say something that would make the choice of  which point should be considered "1"  (having x1 , y1)  otherwise it will be very hard to give correct feeedback/grading to the different correct arbitrary choice there.

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