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Accessing Course Participants from an external site

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Accessing Course Participants from an external site

Hello moodle developers,

I am a senior in college and working on my senior project. The project is basically a Flashcard/study tool and the hope was to be able to access the participants of different courses as to automatically serve them the appropriate study material in our application.

Now, as someone new to moodle development, I have been digging through the moodle doc's and API's looking for the proper way to achieve the task stated above. From what I understand, I need to do the following: Create a plugin that contains a Web Service with available External Functions that would get the participants of a course, given,say, a course id.

Is this on the right track? Or am I completely off? Maybe there is already a way to do this that I have not discovered? Any input would be appreciated, including links to forum posts or other userful material that I have not yet found.



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