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Some questions about Moodle

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Some questions about Moodle

Hello, I have some questions about Moodle.
My Moodle version: 2.4.1

1. How could I remove "summary" link ("i" icon) from My courses and Courses list?
2. How could I change layout course lists (Available courses, Course categories, Courses) from div's to ul/li?
3. How could I modify help window (it shows when I click help icon) - I want to close it from keyboard.
4. How add a title to moodle forum site, eg on this site ( it will be "General help".
5. I need to change all html h2 tags (with css class "main") - from h2 to h1, eg.
site: from <h2 class="main">Search tags</h2> to <h1 class="main">Search tags</h1>
site: from <h2 class="main">Search</h2> to <h1 class="main">Search</h1>

Could anybody help me?

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