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Moodle 2.4.1. & ADL Scorm Driver Package 2004 4th ed.


I'm trying to use a SCORM driver package to upload some interactive HTML/Javascript content to Moodle. This should allow learners to save their 'alterations' in a creative online writing assignment. I need a special art of interaction, so a standard wiki is not suitable.

To do this, I'm writing the dumped contents of a Javascript Array to the 'cmi.suspend_data' variable in SCORM. It has 64K space and is more than enough capacity for my needs.  The 'bare' HTML page can be seen here (without SCORM)

I've issued calls for doSetValue and doGetValue from 'save' and 'load' icons in my app but it only works for the saving and retrieving the first alteration. Subsequent alterations are lost and the original first version persists.

Can cmi.suspend_data be used in this way, or do I need to rethink the problem. I'm only using SCORM as a convenient 'tunnel' to Moodle's database.




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Re: cmi.suspend_data
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As far as I understand your scenario...

You might want to use:

scorm.set("cmi.location", "some string indicating the current stage your are in");
scorm.set("cmi.suspend_data", "your custom suspend_data string");
scorm.set("cmi.score.raw", score ); // to indecate some Score to the student acivement on that stage;

You can re-call and itterate over these sequance of commands to save accumulative data from your activity into Moodle's scorm engine/database (idea came from original tip:

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