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Moodle grouping course assignment

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Re: Moodle grouping course assignment

i looking this as teacher..

yes it doesn't give any grouping name..

when i tick "available for group members only" all student can see the assignment even they are in the different grouping

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Re: Moodle grouping course assignment
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Have you read groupings documentation ?

After ticking "available for group members only", you should be able to select a grouping (to restrict to). Then, when looking at all groupings in the course, you should see 1 in the activity column for this grouping.

If it's not the case, you've perhaps discovered a bug...

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Re: Moodle grouping course assignment
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You need to login as a student to see what is really happening. Teachers by default have the ability to view all groups and to manage them.

Create a fake student. Log in as that student. Then you will see the effect of groupings.

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