Gareth J Barnard
Re: Experimental adaptive grid system theme "Fluffy Bunny Feet" for Moodle 2.4
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Dear Mary,

Thank you smile.

I've now put the code on GitHub -

I've integrated your loginout.php code from the tiny theme but not got it quite working yet.  I also noticed that you are using 'html5shim' so I've put that in but not tested yet.  I also read in .Net magazine that you can get a shim to get rid of all the '-moz' type css, so will give that a bash.

The calendar is now fixed by slightly reducing the font size.  The 'adapt.js' config script is now in its own php file in the 'layout' folder.

Aside, I did like your settings.php file and found it useful to add settings to the Collapsed Topic's course format.

A thought has struck me that the detection script could be used to kick in jQueryMobile rendering when the size get's too small which would then alleviate the need for a separate mobile theme and admins picking more than one - a thing for the future?  As long as the 'data-role' tag attribute is not normally interpreted then this should be quite easy.



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