"Quiz" that only grades based on submission

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"Quiz" that only grades based on submission


I've spent some time searching through the forums for threads on this topic, but haven't found anything related to my question.

We use the Quiz activity to present students with a small set of questions based on some assigned reading of their text.  The quiz is due before class, and we use it 1) to encourage the students to read before coming to class, and 2) to gauge where we should spend most of our time in class.  We do not assign students a grade based on the correctness of their responses.  We just want to get a record of whether they submitted the quiz -- eg. we'd like the grade of the quiz simply be based on whether they submitted any response.  Is this possible with the Quiz activity?  Is something like it possible with other activities?  We like the Quiz activity because it allows us to show students the right answers and provide feedback.

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Re: "Quiz" that only grades based on submission
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If you set the maximum grade for the whole quiz, and/or for each individual question, to zero, then you should get the behaviour you want.

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