I can't see my students' wikis

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I can't see my students' wikis

I created wikis for my students today to create revision pages for their most recent topic.  I created groups of 2-3 students and then created groupings for each individual group (as far as I could see, this was the best method to theoretically allow them to only edit their group's wiki).  They were working on them in class and were told to finish them for homework. 

When I went to check them this evening, I clicked on their wikis and the editing page came up with only the description that I had assigned when setting up the wikis. 

I have tried changing settings, adding teachers to the grouping, adding myself to their groups.  I can see that they have been working on them when I check the activity logs, but I can't see what they've done.

Desperate to resolve this issue asap.

Thanks in advance!

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Re: I can't see my students' wikis

Hi Deirdre,

This looks like this is a bug that has been fixed for versions and 2.4.1! It appears to be connected with setting groups and also the 'forced format', say HTML format, at the same time. 

MDL-35653 applies I believe. You could just try UNTICKING the 'force format' box and see if things return to normal, HOWEVER, I wouldn't alter ANY settings on ANY module that already contained student work without first using Backup in the Course Administration and backing-up everthing - especially WITH all the User data settings ticked (on some sites this requires an administrator!). I offer this caution because on some modules changing settings may reset the activity data. So this is either good practice or total paranoia!

Regards, John



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