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Denied email domains in Moodle 2.4

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Denied email domains in Moodle 2.4
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I have had a free users added using email based authentication that are spammers.  They have bogus city/countries.  Most of these have email addresses.

I thought that I would block these with Moodle 2.4's "Denied email domains" setting.  I added "", but it appears to have not blocked these users.  I am wondering if anyone else has had this problem with "Denied email domains" maybe not working correctly.  Or might I not be entering this correctly?

Or is there a better approach to blocking these bogus users?  Some never "confirm", and I have this Moodle setting set to "delete after three days", which helps.

Since I use course enrolment keys, none of these bogus users are getting into any of my classes.  What would be the SQL query that would show all users not in any course? I have not found any each "Bulk user action" to identify these bogus users, so I thought that I might be able to do this in phpMyAdmin.


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Re: Denied email domains in Moodle 2.4

Hello, Rick.

Did you ever figure this out? I have a reported, although unconfirmed by me at this point of seeing this same issue. 



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