Can I have two final grades, so to say?

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Can I have two final grades, so to say?
Hi, I've started to use Moodle for grading (sorry, I can't figure out the Moodle version) and I have recently noticed that I don't know how to do the following (searched here and there to no avail): I have successfully entered and calculated the grades for the semester: a bunch of activities with weighted average, contributing 40% to the final grade, and a main exam (the other 60%). With its categories and all. Now, it turns out that there is a second chance for the final exam, in a few months, and I would like to use the 40% that I already have with the next exam's 60% to get another final grade. It seems to me that I can create another category for the second exam, and maybe use a "grade calculation" ( , just found out about it) to get the numbers right (maybe create two categories/items and tell each one to use one thing and not the other). However, I don't see that I can have two "course totals" and it may be quite confusing to change the current one to a new one. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks, David
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Re: Can I have two final grades, so to say?

I think you may be trying to hold onto grades you don't need anymore. If your course total is going to be the 40% from the original assignments and 60% from the new exam, why not change the original exam to 0% of total and new exam to 60%? You don't have to delete the old exam from the gradebook, just change the weighting so it doesn't affect the course total. I think it would be really confusing to users if you tried to get two totals right next to each other in the gradebook.

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