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James Richardson
Re: Activities on My Moodle Page

Hello again Becky!

Sorry its been so long in between replies. After you explained it again I figured out what you meant Sorry I was not clear in the first post. Im glad it was at least helpful for you. You can change the My Moodle page by adding and deleting blocks fromthe page. You do this by following the steps below.

  1. Go to Home > Site administration > Appearance > Default My Moodle page.
  2. Add the Courses block to the page.
  3. Click the move icon in the Course categories block options.
  4. Click the binding box where you want to move the block to. You then can remove the Course Overview block.

For a detailed step by step of this process, please see the article Changing the Default My Moodle page.

You can add an remove blocks from the My Moodle Page accodingly. Hope this helps.


James R

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