Setting a default 'Grade to pass'?

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Setting a default 'Grade to pass'?

From what I can see, the only way to set the passgrade for a given assignment is to go into your gradebook, select Categories and Items -> Simple View (or Full View), click the Properties icon for the assignment, and set it there. This seems needlessly complicated, especially if you have many instances of the same assignment type, which you would like to all have the same passgrade. 

It seems much more sensible and much less of a pain to be able to set a default passgrade when creating the assignment, but there doesn't seem to be a way to do this. MDL-13831 makes a similar request, but seems to have been ignored for years (created 2008, last updated 2011, no comments from developers).

Am I missing something, or is this just not a big deal to anyone else? If the latter, what is your workflow like? Create assignments, then go to gradebook and navigate to the Properties page for each one to set the passgrade?

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Re: Setting a default 'Grade to pass'?

I wholeheartedly agree with this, has there been any update to allow this feature?

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Re: Setting a default 'Grade to pass'?

Here here. What a good feature. 
Surely, if in the Assignment setting screen we can set the Gradebook category, we should be able to set a passing grade. 
And I want a check box that says "Add to progress bar" as well. 
A one stop assignment shop. 
At the moment the work flow is. Set the assignment. Get into Gradebook > Categories and Items > Edit settings of the task to set a pass mark (Annoyingly fiddley). Get into the progress bar settings to Add the task to the progress bar selecting "Passed" as the criteria for completion. So I have to go to Assignment and Gradebook and Progress Bar just to set one task. YUK. 
All this should be able to be done in the one spot when setting the assignment!!

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Re: Setting a default 'Grade to pass'?
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Hi Rob, at this time what you're suggesting is a function of the asssign module and not the gradebook so I would encourage you to post there.

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Re: Setting a default 'Grade to pass'?

OK, this one has been bugging me for a while. Especially, when the default Grade to pass seems to be set to 0.

I had a eureka moment today however, and found where the overall setting is... But it just seems daft to me.

lib\grade\gradeitem.php - line 187 states "public $gradepass = 0;"

Personally, I would have this as a gradebook customisable default, or at least set it to something sensible?

I am about to set it in my sites to 100, with my theory being you would never think of a pass rate of 0, but you would of 100. If you want it something different to 100, you would go in and change it.

Anyone else have these thoughts or other opinions?


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Re: Setting a default 'Grade to pass'?

I am also very much interested in this feature. 

Any updates yet?

Going through each quiz one by one is too cumbersome.

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Re: Setting a default 'Grade to pass'?

***Disclaimer - I am not a programmer, I can barely spell PHP***

Based on Peter's clue about changing line 187 in \lib\grade\grade_item.php from the default: public $gradepass = 0;  to: "something else" I had some success.

I found that setting a default of '10' to match the quiz default of '10' worked well as our Students must get 100% of questions correct to pass. (if your requirement is a pass mark of 80% then set to '8' etc)

I started poking around, looking for a way to make "Grade to pass" = "Maximum points" and I think I found it:

line 91 of \grade\edit\tree\item.php has a default of:

$item->gradepass       = format_float($item->gradepass, $decimalpoints);

I changed 'gradepass' (underlined one above) to 'grademax' and voila! All default passing grades = maximum points!

$item->gradepass       = format_float($item->grademax, $decimalpoints);

I created a few Assignment activities to check, setting maximum points to different values and they flowed through to the passing grade for the activities.

I hope that helps, but don't forget to read my disclaimer at the top!