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3 Bugs: version latest 2.4.1+ five days ago

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Re: 3 Bugs: version latest 2.4.1+ five days ago


yes, sure. I'm kind of a newbie in the forum. Should I send the above info in the Moodle Tracker now?


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Re: 3 Bugs: version latest 2.4.1+ five days ago
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Ralf, apologies for my delay in replying. I notice you have created a tracker account and reported the bugs as MDL-37807 which is great smile ... except that in order for bugs to be handled efficiently and tracked, a tracker issue should be about one bug only.

Regarding the e-mail with smtp bug, I searched the tracker for the error message cannotmailconfirm and came across MDL-30960. If this is the same or very similar to the bug you found, rather than creating a new issue, if you have further information you can add it in a comment to MDL-30960.

The certificate module is an add-on (not included in the standard Moodle download) and so bugs about it are reported elsewhere in the tracker. Please check to see whether the bug you found has been reported previously.

Regarding the cron with password bug, I couldn't find any other report of this problem. Thus I suggest we make MDL-37807 about the cron with password bug only. I will edit the tracker issue and remove the info about the other two bugs.

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