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help a sys admin with YUI

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help a sys admin with YUI



so I'm not a developer: but, I am  getting that YUI error message that 'must be fixed by a programmer'. I have upgraded to 2.4, rifled thru the release notes and then went ahead, now i'm getting the YUI2 error message from a contributed module from Blackboard, I have been onto my support in Blackboard and they will not have a new module until 'sometime in the spring'. So I went and had a look at the module myself and the settings.php file is the one I think is causing the error with this line


 I have read thru

but am none the wiser, can anyone please tell me how I can manually change the above line to work with yui2in3 ?

many, many thanks (help!)


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Re: help a sys admin with YUI
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Hi Rob,

It's very difficult to advise here without knowing more about the module. I don't suppose you're able to post the content of the JS module (or link to it on your site) so that we can give you some more advice?


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