Quiz Showing Score of "0"

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Quiz Showing Score of "0"


I'm using Moodle 2.0, and have created a series of quizzes for a course, but the first quiz returns a score of "0" for everyone who's taken it. Here's what I know:

1 - I can open the quiz, and see the students' answers, so I know they were able to take the quiz, and that they answered some questions correctly.

2 - Some students took the quiz after the quiz was "closed," but the majority of them took the quiz before, and still show "0", so it doesn't seem to be that they took the quiz outside of the allowed time-frame.

3 - The second quiz returns results in the gradebook as I expect, and so the problem seems to be limitted to the first quiz, but I can't see anything different between the settings on the two of them.

3a - The one difference between the two quizzes is that the first is a series of 5 random quesitons, while the second is only a single question (matching). I can't see how this affects the reporting to the gradebook, but I figured I'd mention all my variables.

Anyone have an idea? I'm all out.

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Re: Quiz Showing Score of "0"

This could be many different. Check the following as these are usually the most common.

  1. On the Edit Quiz page (e.g. where the questions included on the quiz are shown), check to see what you have entered in the Maximum Grade field.
  2. On the same page, check to see what you have each question marked out of. If they are zeroes, that means that none of the questions have any weight.
  3. In the Gradebook, check to see if you have the quiz item locked. This would be on the Categories & Items page. If it is locked, grades won't be updated until it is unlocked.
  4. In the Gradebook > Grader Report, do you have the grades overridden? They would be indicated by an orange tint to the cell.
  5. If none of the above, have you tried running a regrade?

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