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Funny appearance problem we can't solve!

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Funny appearance problem we can't solve!


Just posting this problem, as we cannot figure it out and wondered if anyone had experienced it/knows how to fix it.

With no knowledge of us doing anything to them - the appearance of two courses has changed - but only half the topics.  All the writing is now larger e.g. the Add a Resource drop down lists , the size of the files names and also all the blocks are affected.

Only thing we could think of was it might be the accessibility options, but if we add the accessibility block and alter anything e.g. the text size - it only changes the parts of the course that already look normal.  The "broken" parts just stay the same.

We have tried different browsers and things such as ensuring "compability view" is on in IE - but the bottom half of these courses

It's driving us mad, so if anyone could help, that would be wonderful!

Example of giant block:
Massive Block

How files appear on an affceted block, as opposed to a normal one:

Massive Files

 Normal files

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Jeffrey L. Jones
Re: Funny appearance problem we can't solve!

Not sure if this is what you're experiencing, but I've found a host of formatting hickups are caused by un-closed HTML tags which aren't handled elegantly by the underlying theme. Find the last thing on the page which seems to appear normally. Check the HTML at the end of it, and perhaps the beginning of the next thing (if you can get at the HTML there). Look for any un-closed HTML tags. Or simply take all the text out along with the formatting, and see what happens.

Again, I have no idea if this is your problem, but "...half the topics...." generally means it's a good possibility. Good luck!

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Re: Funny appearance problem we can't solve!

That's amazing - and somehting I wouldn't have thought of!!

I just added a </font> at the end of the topic title in the first topic that was big and it just fixes everything.

THANK YOU so much!

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