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max post size

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max post size

Hello everyone,

I seem to be having the problem that I cant upload
any SCORM package.

I get the error that the max post size is not enough
but my php ini is set to 200M.

Any idea what could be wrong?

thanks Yannick

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Re: max post size
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You might check out the settings page for your course and make sure it is set at the maximum for the site. Sometimes the course settings will be lower.

Paula Clough cool

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Re: max post size

Hi Yannick,

Indeed, this error should popup when you're exceeding post_max_size. As you have set it up to 200M, could you check the following points:

  • Is your SCORM package smaller than 200M? (just in case)
  • Is the php.ini setting upload_max_filesize can accept your file (set to 200M too)?
  • Do you have a .htaccess file which could overwrite those settings?
  • Can you upload your Scorm package as a file resource?
  • Can you check the parameters maxbytes on a site level, and the course setting which limits the size of uploaded files?



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Re: max post size

Hi Fred,

found the error in an .htacces file...






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Re: max post size


I too am having the same issue, but cannot seem to find any errors in either my php.ini file or an .htaccess file. Is there any way for you to post your findings without any security risks?



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