All short answers are marked wrong (gradedwrong)

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Re: All short answers are marked wrong (gradedwrong)
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Hi Duane,

can you check that php5-intl is correctly installed on your system? (On what OS / Linux distribution is your Moodle setup?). You also need libicu installed. So what are the versions of libicu and php5-intl ?

Also, could you try the patch mentionned in https://tracker.moodle.org/browse/MDL-37746#comment-200122 ? That is, in question/type/shortanswer/question.php, replace the lines with normalizer_normalize with the following block:

if (function_exists('normalizer_normalize')) {
$regexp_norm = normalizer_normalize($regexp, Normalizer::FORM_C);
$string_norm = normalizer_normalize($string, Normalizer::FORM_C);
$string = is_null($string_norm) ? $string : $string_norm;
$regexp = is_null($regexp_norm) ? $regexp : $regexp_norm;

Thanks in advance, cheers, 


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Re: All short answers are marked wrong (gradedwrong)

Hi Didier,

We're using php 5.3.8 on Mac OS X Server 10.6.

intl version 1.1.0

ICU version 4.6.1

The code from the patch seems to be working.

Thanks again,


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