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Grade Item "Move" Function not working within category


I am trying to reorder a grade item (assignment) in a single category with 20 other grade items (all assigments).  The "move" fuction (blue icon with arrows) was working fine before and allowed me to move these items as I pleased but then recently stopped allowing me to move the items.  I CAN move the items to a different category, but cannot move them around within this category (none of them will move).  I created a new assignment and it promptly placed itself at the bottom of the list and will not move within this category. 

I duplicated the course and have the same problem on the new course.  Any insights into why this is happening and how to fix it?


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Re: Grade Item "Move" Function not working within category

Hi Jet.  (Fabulously cool name.)

Until someone can suggest a fix for what is happening on your end, here is what is working for me using Moodle 2.3 and Firefox 18.0.1 or Internet Explorer 10.0:

From Settings → Grades → Categegories and Items → Simple View - I am selecting the Move icon for the grade item (one click - no dragging).  Please notice that under Quizzes, my "New Quiz" item is last.  This is the item I wish to move.

Move Here Screen

After clicking on the Move icon (up and down arrows for those who may not be able to see my image clearly), I get the dashed "Move Here" boxes with black arrows. Notice in the screen capture below, that my New Quiz item now has the word (Move) next to it.

By clicking on the dashed box of my choice, the grade item moves to that position - so that in the next screen capture, my "New Quiz" is now in the first position within the Quizzes category.


And of course, Save Changes.

I hope this proves useful.

Best regards,

Michele Edwards, New York


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Re: Grade Item "Move" Function not working within category

Thanks so much Michele.  I am sorry for the slow reply.  We started the semester and I've been dealing with other issues on the site.

The problem is that I have done what you suggest but the grade item will not move as desired.  I'm wondering if it is a bug or a problem with the database?

Any insight would help!!



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Re: Grade Item "Move" Function not working within category

Hi, Jet, I have a workaround until they fix the bug. sad

I create a new category with the name of the one I want to move the grade items around in. I usually add a 2 to it. Then I can Select all the items and move them to the new category. After confirming that they are all there in the new category with a 2 in the name, and that they are no longer in the original category, I delete the empty category. 

Next, I rename the new category with the 2 on it to the original name so that the items will show up in the gradebook because they are linked to the original grade item. Now you can move them around using the technique that was previously posted.  I had to do it for each category.