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Integration round 2013-01-25 - got you, hidden tests

One poor developer...
Integration round 2013-01-25 - got you, hidden tests
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Cold numbers:

61 issues have been successfully integrated with 11 rejected and 5 delayed. That is 85% success, not bad, but still...


After all the QAs and major and minor releases, we are back to normal, peace & calm!

But there is not much time to relax, we are just some days away to finish all the planning for the next 2.5 release and start coding like crazy again. Also, all the regressions found since the 2.4 release are being furiously fixed.

Go, go, DEV and STABLE teams!

Also, we detected that our default configuration to run phpunit tests was ignoring a bunch of unit tests (10 unit tests with 32 test cases and near 700 assertions!). It has been fixed and from now the CI servers will prevent us to miss one unit test anymore.

Hot topics:

  • MDL-33652MDL-37563 - Various upgrade problems.
  • MDL-37577 - Fix, for speed, some massive quiz queries.
  • MDL-36757 - Better handling of hidden grades.
  • MDL-35816 - Progress about various accessibility issues.
  • And lots more in areas like administration, assignments, questions, calendar, lessons...

Warm thanks:

  • To all our parents, for creating and educating us. This Community wouldn't be the same without their help on that.

Ciao all, stronk7 smile

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