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Sharing folders between courses


I have two seperate courses and I want to share a folder between them. The folder is on course A and contains many pdfs and I want to put the exact same folder on to course B. Is there any way to do this without adding each pdf seperately? Users of course A do not have access to course B and vice versa. I use moodle 2.3

Sorry if I stuck this in the wrong place!

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Re: Sharing folders between courses
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Think a file system repository might fit your needs.

'spirit of sharing', Ken

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Re: Sharing folders between courses
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1. you can make a copy of the folder. Just back it up from one course and restore in another.

2. if your files are dynamic you can create shortcuts/aliases. For example, put files in your private files area and create shortcuts in both courses. But you have to do it for each file, there is no folder reference option in moodle yet. In this case if you update (by overwriting) the file in your private files area, all shortcuts will be automatically updated.

But again if you add a file, you have to also add shortcuts in each course.

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