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Enroll students and don't show in 'My courses'

I have a lot of information that is used by a number of courses. I do not want to replicate this information in every course and if something changes I don't want to go into every course and change it.

To fix this I've made a course that holds all this information and students can access the information from links in their own course. If I enroll the students in this holder course it will show under 'My courses'.

How am I able to enroll students so it won't show in their 'My courses'?

or Is there a better way to hold generic information?


I'm running Moodle 2.3.2

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Re: Enroll students and don't show in 'My courses'
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Hi Dean,

You might want to turn on guest access in the course settings for your shared course. Than you don't need to enroll students in the course and it wont show up in their my courses tab.

Hope that helps


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Re: Enroll students and don't show in 'My courses'

Cool, but now anyone can access the course.

I just thought, what if I could do this for an authenticated user? And you can! big grin

  • In the course go to: Settings > Course administration > Users > Permissions.
  • Go down to: View courses without participation (moodle/course:view)
  • Click the plus symbol and then select authenticated user.

I don't know if some things would be blocked but I'm sure it would be easy to change the permissions.

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