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Tim, thanks.

1. The list you descibe is not a "curated" list.  It is just every single known problem.  There is a list in the tracker of fixed issues.  (Uncurated) There is a list in dev.moodle.org of fixed issues in a new release (curated) and as Martin said, if there is anything missing here, then we add it.

Trying to find an example: the 2GIG file restore limit.  
Moodle 2 has broken this.  But no where is there a place to find this out specifically and easily.  This is an old issue.  The onl way you wil find this out is by trial and error, unless you read a lot.

I've done a quick survey: some other OS projects have a simple curated list of "Current known issues"  ie it's a problem, we know about it.  It's a big problemand we know about it.  Or it's a smal problem, sorry if affects you so much, we know about it.  And: current workarounds.  My view stands: an Upgrading to current version forum will help.  Martin said this is not the right place to go.  But tracker is not effective.  Current curatated lists in DEV don't work for this purpose.

Your list "every unresolved issue under the sun" does just not work for this purpose. As I said, all tracker issues are not the same.

2. Lost functionality label.  Cool.  This is a major learning moment for me. I've just added it to 

I will do some more later.  This may be there, but, as you say, it is certainly not used widely.  When you pointed me with the link in your post, to the list it was 8 issues long.

EVERY lost functionality item is here: https://tracker.moodle.org/issues/?jql=labels%20%3D%20lost_functionality a total of 34.  I'm sure I can increase this.  I'd like to see this list linked to in devs docs release notes.  I think it may help solve my problem.

Tim, as usual, thanks for the reply.

EDIT.  Well, I might not have added the labels if I had known veryone gets a personal e-mail.  smile

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