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Hi Derek

You wrote:
> I mean real tags as in this request: https://tracker.moodle.org/browse/MDL-21416 I think this would benefit a lot for learning as well as Moodle.org.

May be. But the current thinking is that people don't "navigate" these days, they goggle. See "Using Moodle course layout change" https://moodle.org/mod/forum/discuss.php?d=221071#p962496.

> http://www.shirky.com/writings/ontology_overrated.html
> How do we classify anything nicely?

Thanks for reference. Stimulating (for things outside moodle.org). OT in a strict sense.

BTW, you've omited a couple of other points. Not that you must respond, just mentioning in case.
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Re: Current minor features
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Funny.  I thought the Shirky article was the most useful part of Derek's post because it captured pretty much everything I hadn't yet articulated for myself about the organizational structure implosions I keep witnessing in forum discussions and tracker discussions and even in my own use-case scenarios. Whether we need to organize a site into course categories or a quiz bank into something useful that can be shared or a course with cohorts or groups or groupings or a list of hundreds of standards that need to be applied in thousands of places from granular quiz questions to whole courses, I'm finding an increasing need to be able to cross-list these different needs and ways of organizing.  Maybe there is no shelf.  I was always a skeptic about the whole tag cloud value, in terms of being able to see for myself beyond the "most users at this point in time are concerned about x" part, but I think now I'm understanding why every librarian I've talked to in the last five years has been so excited about this concept.  They must be able to see, based on their experiences, the potential this would afford over the limitations they've been struggling to overcome for years.

I suppose this is, in a strict sense, not a discussion anymore about where to log minor feature changes and track them for ourselves, but the point made earlier about someone's minor is someone else's major really rang true for my experience.

If nothing else, it made me think, and that is what I love about Moodle.org conversations.  Especially some of the slightly off-topic ones.

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Just wondering . . .
Re: Current minor features

Just to acknowledge your post Lesli.  This article helped me realise it was not me going crazy when at the time we were trying to implement an LMS tagging system with the possbility of official tags and personal tags.  The project foundered when term got underway and we had to work on more prosaic matters.

Tagging + voting is a good combination.


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