Do Not Display Add A Block in Gradebook

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Re: Do Not Display Add A Block in Gradebook

OK I have a scenario ... some of our faculty don't realize their course editing is on.  They get to the gradebook and there's that annoying 'add a block block'.  If they attempt to turn course editing off  via the course navigation menu they get bumped back to the home page where they then having to navigate back to the gradebook.  I'd love to find a solution where this block doesn't even appear in the gradebook - or perhaps a way to automate turning course editing off when this page is hit.  Any ideas?

UPDATE: re-tested and it appears as though users are no longer bumped back to home page - this is a good start smile

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Re: Do Not Display Add A Block in Gradebook
Plugin developers

Modify the following to your theme's config.php.

    // The pagelayout used for reports
    'report' => array(
        'file' => 'report.php',
        'regions' => array(),
        'options' => array('nofooter'=>false, 'nonavbar'=>false, 'noblocks'=>true),

Setting noblocks to true stops the ability for anyone to add a block to the grader report page.