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html_writer::tag escaping moodle url

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html_writer::tag escaping moodle url


I have a little problem with html_writer::tag:

When i use the following 2 lines:

$target_1 = new moodle_url('/mod/multiplesurvey/view.php',array('edit'=>'true','id'=>3));
$html .= html_writer::tag('input','',array('type'=>'button','value'=>'Test Survey','onclick'=>'location.href="'.$target_1.'"'));

it always sends me to http://localhost/moodle/mod/multiplesurvey/view.php?edit=true&id=3

so it always escapes the & before the second parameter !

what do i do wrong or is this the wrong funktion in the renderer.php file ?


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Tim at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary
Re: html_writer::tag escaping moodle url
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Acutally, your problem is with moodle_url. If you don't want escaping, you have to use $url->out(false);

$url->__toString(); (which is what your string concatenation will call) does $url->out(true);

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Re: html_writer::tag escaping moodle url

Can html_writer assist in outputing information in a new window?

Hor example, can you add a _blank?



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Re: html_writer::tag escaping moodle url
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You really should be posting new questions as new discussions, rather than replying to an only vaguely related old question.

Anyway, the answer is:

html_writer::link($url, 'Some text to display', array('target' => '_blank'));

(but please don't do it, it often annoys end users)

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