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moodledata in cgi-bin unsave?

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moodledata in cgi-bin unsave?

Hi Community,

I am struggeling where to put my moodledata folder. Since my cgi-bin folder is one of the few that gets synced by my migration-tool, I put my folder there.

What´s you opinion about that? unsave?
My moodledata folder has a .htaccess file. I can´t reach the content from a browser.


Thany 4 you help,


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Re: moodledata in cgi-bin unsave?

Move the .htaccess file down one level and have it refer to moodledata.  As it is, the bad guy can delete the .htaccess since it's in a world-writeable directory.

Use something like this:

RewriteRule moodledata - [F]

(not tested)

It's always better to have any world-writeable file outside of docroot or cgi-bin, but the above is better than putting the .htaccess within moodledata/.




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