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Using groups/cohorts

Hello, I am using Moodle 2.3.3+ (Build: 20121208). I have about 400 employees that have different job descriptions that I need to test monthly. I need to be able to view each job category to see if that employee has taken the appropriate test. For example, lets say I own 10 widget shops (i.e. 10 groups (widget1, widget2, etc.)). Each widget shop has cashiers, stockers, delivery, & maintenance people. The cashiers must complete 2 quizzes/month. Stockers 2, delivery 2, maintenance 2.

I need my gradebook to show; widget1>cashiers-Test1-Bob, Test2-Bob.   Widget1>stockers-Test3-John, Test4-John ; etc.

I have, say 6 tests that need to be taken. Bob the cashier would need to take 2 of the 6. John the stocker would need to take 2 of the 6. Robert the delivery person would need to take the last 2 of the 6.

I currently have 2 groups that filter ALL employees by store (widget1, etc.) and by 1 group (cashiers). When I pull up the gradebook, it shows ALL of the tests by the group listed. I would like to be able to see at a glance if my cashier group(showing their 2 tests) had passed their test, stocker group, their 2 tests, etc. 

I have played with cohorts but I don't know how to group them in the gradebook to maybe list ALL of my cashiers (cohort) showing grades by store (group)

Hopefully I made enough sense out of this for someone to understand. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated smile Thank you in advance! smile

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Re: Using groups/cohorts
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I am not sure with your widget how you are seeing things and building your groups. I am familiar with turning on groups in the course settings and then viewing the gradebook by groups.  If you are using the groups in Moodle, one thing that might help is that people can be in more than one group.  You can have a group for each of the separate jobs as well as for the stores.  Cashiers would be in the cashiers group and in their store group. 

Does that help?

Paula cool

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Re: Using groups/cohorts

I haven't used groups and know little about the gradebook but are you asking;

"I want to be able to see users by their store and users by their group. But I also want to see users in store A who are also in group 1."

This sounds similar to filtering users in 'Browse list of users', where you can stack multiple filters. I don't know if you can use filters on groups and/or in the gradebook.

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Re: Using groups/cohorts

Paula, Dean, thank you for your reply. Let me try to clear things up.

I need everyone in my company to take test A (cashiers). 

I need half of my company to take test B (stockers). The other half test C (delivery).

A select few will be taking test A, and test D (maintenance), but not B or C.

I was looking to create 4 courses that had test A, test B, test C, test D, respectively. I was hoping to use cohorts to "group" my larger student pool for test A, B, and/or C but use groups to break the pool down by store and managers.

When I look at the gradebook I would like to collect all the test A(cashier) scores but also divide by group(store) and/or group(store management).

Can someone tell me how to use cohorts to filter "students" in the gradebook?

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