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Hide user (2.4.1)

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Hide user (2.4.1)

Is there a way to hide a user from other students? Sometimes that would be helpful when a student have a protected identity.

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Re: Hide user (2.4.1)

Perhaps the simplest way to prevent the moodle account being identifyable is to hide in plain sight.

  • Use a pseudonym for that student's username and Name.
  • Within that person's profile, set so no one can see the email address.

Within courses, you can have this protected person in a separate group and avoiding interactive activities and peer marking. Some of our courses have Manual Accounts which are external accounts and so they are not added to cohort, group, etc which turns on a lot of things on our front page of moodle. They are manually enrolled in each course they need as an external student and could be anonymous as far as other students are concerned.

It might be possible with creating a new role to hide this student, but is not immediately obvious to me.

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