Override Role in Q & A forum

Override Role in Q & A forum

We are using Moodle 2.3.3 in a pilot this spring, before we transition our campus from 1.9.

For Q&A forums, our faculty frequently prefer to use the override permissions to prevent students from making new posts and force them to reply to a post made by the instructor.  In Moodle 2.3, where is the ability to override a role for a specific activity?

In this case, one of our faculty is using a course originally created in 1.9, and I think the override was created in that instance, but I cannot locate the forum overrides in Moodle 2.  Is there an admin setting that must be toggled first?

Thanks for any leads,

Mary Beth


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Re: Override Role in Q & A forum

Hi Mary Beth,

Go to the forum page, and you will see a "permissions" link in the settings block.  That is where overrides are done.  That said, there are some differences in how Q and A behaves in Moodle 2.  Students cannot post questions by default.  They can only reply.  Also, student must wait for the editing period to expire before seeing other student replies.


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