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Self Enrollment using plugin V2.4


I am very new to using moodle and have a very specific requirement.

That is, the option for students to self enrol on classes.

However, the version of moodle that is currently run is V2.3 and I do not want to upgrade to V2.4 purely for the feature of self enrollment..but will if I have to.

My question is this- is the V2.4 plugin for self -enrollment backwards compatible with V2.3 i.e can I leave V2.3 running and just download and install v2.4 self enrollment plugin?

I appreciate that this may be a very basic question and any help would be great.


Lastly- other things I envisage I would require are (1) class lists generated from self enrollment (2) students uploading assignments for correection - do oyu thnk V2.4 would serve me better for these requirements e.g. should I just take the leap and upgrade completely?


Thank you again


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Mary Cooch
Re: Self Enrollment using plugin V2.4
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Hi there. There is already the option in all versions of Moodle for students to self enrol in a class so I'm not sure where you get the idea it is only available in 2.4 Could you show me where you go this information? Here is the documentation on all possible enrolments Enrolments WHen students have enrolled themselves in a course the gradebook will automaticall produce a list of them (so that covers (1) ) and the Assignment module allows them to upload work for correction so that covers (2) )

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Re: Self Enrollment using plugin V2.4

Hi Mary


Thank you for your prompt response. I suppose that I should have been clearer and stated that the port to V2.3 is in the offing and that the current version being run is V1.9. I need to be able to

(1) set an enrollment period per class..which we have the ability to do but from prior use discovered students could log in after the expiration date had passed


(2) set a maximum number of participants in each class. With our current enrollment plugin there was no way to do this

(3) Set a priority enrollment period

My understanding was that all of these features are offered by the 2.4 plugin and was hoping to hop to that.

I guess my real question in essence was with regard to the backward compatability of the plugins i.e. can you run your V1.9/ V2.3 and install a latest and greated plug in.

Many thanks


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