Gordon McLeod
Blind marking in 2.4


I'm looking to set blind marking as the default option on assignments, rather than relying on our staff to select it when setting an assignement.

Can anyone advise on whether this is a tweak in the database (and if so which table/value), or if it's a modification of a setting on page within the mod/assignment files?

Thanks, Gordon.

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Gordon McLeod
Re: Blind marking in 2.4

OK I figured out how to set blind marking to on by default for assignments - so thought I'd share it in case anyone else would like to know.

In mod/assign/mod_form.php you need to amend the line

$mform->setDefault('blindmarking', 0);
$mform->setDefault('blindmarking', 1);

You'll find that at line 134 in version 2.4+ (Build: 20121230)

Regards, Gordon.

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