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Enrol,Unenroll and cohorts

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Enrol,Unenroll and cohorts

Version Moodle 2.3.3

I am just looking at how to set up some details on a new moodle course.

I was looking at setting up a series of cohorts

  • members
  • council
  • executive

I was then going to base enrolment into some courses based on these enrolments.

At first I thought, I could jest enrol and unenrol based on this. I then realised that in some cases it is important that there posts in forums are really important to be maintained. Also any documents they have uploaded into forums.

Is there a way of setting up cohorts, so when they are removed from a cohort they are unenroled or restricted access to a course, so they can't view or participate but other people can see what has occured.



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