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Gareth J Barnard
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Dear DeWayne et al,

Sorry about this but it appears to me my issue with Collapsed Topics styles.css - I test as much as possible but in a vein attempt to reduce the amount of grey hairs I avoid wasting my life testing in IE7 mode for hours on end and therefore an oddity that I put in to support the browser in all its quirky modes is causing the issue.  After ten minutes in FireFox with FireBug (and then thirty with IE and FireFox in IE user agent mode) I have a solution.

With the current version of Collapsed Topics released yesterday for 2.4.1 you can apply the following version of 'styles.css' and do a 'Purge all caches':

or you can update all of it by using the 'Zip' download on (rename the extracted folder to 'topcoll'):

Feedback appreciated, cheers,


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