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YUI libraries not loading

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Re: YUI libraries not loading when external

Another gotcha to look out for, which you somewhat discovered here.  The YUI2 in pre-2.3.x Moodle worked in various browsers.  YUI3 conflicts with the interpretation of mouse vs touch vs tablet vs 'smart board' inputs.  Newest IE on Windows, Safari, latest Chromium, seem to work, FF and Chrome fail.  AJAX on Moodle stops working correctly.  

Trouble tickets have been posted in several places, including with the YUI development team.

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Re: YUI libraries not loading when external

Thanks for the hints and suggestions.

It seems to be only on a couple of particular computer / browser combinations and not consistent. For example, at the moment on my home computer I need to use IE9 rather than Chrome. Not a big issue - but also not helpful if others in future have the same problem.

Thanks again! I really appreciate the community on here!

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Re: YUI libraries not loading when external

Did you check the permissions on on /theme/yui_combo.php? See this post:

I am having similar issues once we throw the system out to the internet.

Did you solve your issue?


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